About us

Presentation of the enterprise

Here at BREIZELEC, we dedicate our entire effort to offer customers the best services and products available in electronics.

Since 1974, BREIZELEC has been growing steadily. It employs more than 100 people, with a sales team deployed throughout Europe and North America, and has achieved a turnover of over 10 millions Euros.

BREIZELEC has 2 production sites 10 km apart, representing more than 8,000 m² (80,000 ft2) of workshop and storage areas.

At BREIZELEC, teamwork is paramount, with each team dealing directly with a specific customer base or manufacturing process.

Our philosophy here is simple : to provide customers with the best service possible.

BREIZELEC is carrying out in 4 activities:

Electronic repairing of:
  • Agricultural boxes: Tractor, sprayer, seeder, harvester, etc.
  • Electronic boards for the milking (milking parlour) and pig industries.
Designing and manufacturing of LED lights for ships & boats distributed under the brand name MANTAGUA
Designing and manufacturing of electronic systems:
  • Hardware & software development
  • Boards routing
  • SMD & traditional manufacturing
  • Test & integration of complete boxes
Wiring of electrical cabinets & strands

These first two activities are evolving in a Worldwide exposure thanks to an effective logistic.

BREIZELEC established a research.html.html & development department through a motivated team composed of technicians & engineers in order to:
  • Developing new proving testing benches & improving the existing ones
  • Realizing “reverse engineering” on obsolete systems
  • Designing and making electronic systems according to specifications
  • Offering maintenance preventive actions with the aim of improving the system reliability.

Moreover, BREIZELEC has a worldwide purchasing department able to source obsolete components (or not) in the world and especially in Asia.

Quality positioning

Swift, Reliable, Well-priced

Since 1974, BREIZELEC is reflecting to one philosophy: meeting the customer’s needs!

BREIZELEC has developed an industrial approach in repairing boards and electronic boxes through a service which is:

  • Swift
  • Reliable
  • Well-priced

Swiftness: BREIZELEC has developed a reman exchange service in order to deliver customers within 24 hours, everywhere in Europe, North America and very soon Australia and New Zealand.

Reliability: Our repair catalogue comes along with more than 5,000 references. For each one of them, BREIZELEC created a testing bench to ensure the proper functioning of the boxes and realizing endurance tests. Lastly, BREIZELEC operates periodically some breakdown analyses and sets up maintenance preventive procedures.

Well-priced: BREIZELEC is proposing different repair options (standard & urgent turnaround) and negotiated agreements with shipping companies to obtain the best service at the best price.

That’s why BREIZELEC can provide an extended 24 months warranty on Its products.

So, try us, you’ll pay only after the repair

A Short History of BREIZELEC

BREIZELEC was founded in 1974 by Jean-Louis LAUTROU.

Up until 1999, BREIZELEC primarily served as a subcontractor for the big names in the telephone and video industries, names such as MATRA, ALCATEL and THOMSON etc.

In 1999, BREIZELEC was taken over by Philippe GASTOUD and has since diversified its output into:

  • Electronic repairs,
  • The design and manufacturing of electronic systems,
  • The manufacture of circuit boards and wiring.

In 2007, BREIZELEC bought the radar activity from SPARAEX, sold under the brand name RADAREX.

In 2008, the BREIZELEC group incorporated MANTAGUA, specialising in the construction of LED lighting.

In 2015 BREIZELEC Inc Canada is set up in Montreal and is serving the north american market for R&R and Reman.

in 2019 BREIZELEC headquarter moved to a new 5,000 m² (50,000 ft²) building.